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Been playing with WordPress plugins this week as a side project. Working with a great designer, we put together a proof-of-concept and then a solid, working plugin within 48 hours! The initial idea came from a request from the site admin, and no suitable plugin (tested for the current version of WordPress) was available.

What the WordPress plugin does

The idea gives a “safety net” to bloggers and allows site editors to hand over control to authors, by introducing a pre-publish checklist on the post editor. A number of checks can be set up, which must be ticked off before the post can be published. The publish button is not even visible without the checks being completed, meaning that the author has to “sign off” the post has met the requirements before it can be published.

Further developments

The plugin is currently being deployed on this blog and the gaming site I’ve been writing for, and currently works beautifully on both mobile and desktop versions of the site. The plugin also has an admin menu, where the checklist can be set up by site admins, and this checklist is stored in the WordPress database and applied site-wide.

I’m still working on this side of the plugin, as I would like this to have more functionality available before being released. I would also like the checks to be saved against each post, but that may have to wait until an update further into the future.

Once I’ve finished off a couple of bits, I’ll be releasing the plugin into the wild as well for others who want to use this functionality. It is possible that I’ll be offering a free version, which will have basic functionality, alongside a paid version which has more granular control and potentially some auto-checked items, such as “tags selected” being auto-checked once the post tags have been edited.

Watch this space, anyway!

Got to go write some more code now, speak to you all soon!

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