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Commit to Get Fit 2017

EclecticMatt/ May 1, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Another post about funky stuff being cooked up at work, this time for Commit to Get Fit 2017! This follows on from my earlier post about Commit to Get FAR 2017 and the

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University work blog

EclecticMatt/ January 27, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Just a quick post to mention that my blogging is not confined to this site! I have also introduced a blog for my office at work, the ADQE Office at the

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Commit to Get Far 2017

EclecticMatt/ January 25, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

This post goes through a couple of the things I have been working on for work, not strictly part of my main role but certainly positive for team spirit and bonding. Each

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Early train to Bristol

EclecticMatt/ January 19, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

I thought I would kick off a good habit by throwing a quick personal blog post in here. Gazing out of the train window over endless foggy fields, I make my

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