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Guesthouse Game v1

EclecticMatt/ August 8, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Afternoon everyone, I had an idea at the weekend to make a simulation game for a Guesthouse (a.k.a. a Bed and Breakfast, or Small Hotel).

Eclectic Timeline

EclecticMatt/ July 6, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Just a very short post today, as I’m busy working through a backlog of work. I wanted to make a timeline of Eclectic activity for a while, and managed to set

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RSS Block-Rocking Beats

EclecticMatt/ February 12, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Just a quick update today. I’ve added an RSS feed as a block in my homepage, which I may change in style at some point soon. The functionality is there, pulling

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Insane in the Domain

EclecticMatt/ January 18, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

So…. this is the first proper post on the new blog (version 2). The new blog, and indeed the new site domain which you may have noticed is now http://eclecticapp.xyz, are down

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New (WordPress) Blog

EclecticMatt/ January 18, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

This post marks the new blog for Eclectic App Development. The new blog is powered by WordPress and will serve partially as a testing ground for WordPress designs and themes, although

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EclecticMatt/ October 3, 2016/ old/ 0 comments

Games are starting to appear again… My original intention for this site was to showcase interesting bits I developed suitable for the web. Until now, I made a couple of mini-games

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Share Bar

EclecticMatt/ September 5, 2016/ old/ 0 comments

Share or tweet if you like it (or, you know, like it!) A slight change will appear across the site from now on – a new footer with a bunch of

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Responsive Menu

EclecticMatt/ April 20, 2015/ old/ 0 comments

Meta Viewport Responsive Design Brain Melt! One more brief update this month! I have added responsive styles to the site, to offer more suitable content for smaller and mobile devices. Firstly

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