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Youtube – Baby Steps

EclecticMatt/ May 31, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

I have been playing around with creating Youtube videos for a couple of weeks now and have stumbled many times among the way! This post is a short collection of the

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Early train to Bristol

EclecticMatt/ January 19, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

I thought I would kick off a good habit by throwing a quick personal blog post in here. Gazing out of the train window over endless foggy fields, I make my

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Insane in the Domain

EclecticMatt/ January 18, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

So…. this is the first proper post on the new blog (version 2). The new blog, and indeed the new site domain which you may have noticed is now http://eclecticapp.xyz, are down

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Busy Learnin’

EclecticMatt/ December 7, 2015/ old/ 0 comments

Trying, Working, Learning. Been a bit too busy to update the site over the past few months, in particular starting a new job, then trying to learn some new programming and

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Fixing up stuff

EclecticMatt/ March 26, 2015/ old/ 0 comments

Getting the place ship shape Just a quick update. I’ve been busy lately so have been tweaking a few things and repairing some pages which didn’t work after the updates. There

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First Learning Update

EclecticMatt/ January 6, 2014/ old/ 0 comments

OK, so thought I’d get the ball rolling by explaining what I’m up to and what I’m trying to learn at the moment. I’ve been playing around with Excel formulas for

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