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Eclectic Timeline

EclecticMatt/ July 6, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Just a very short post today, as I’m busy working through a backlog of work. I wanted to make a timeline of Eclectic activity for a while, and managed to set

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Users Area and 3D

EclecticMatt/ February 21, 2015/ old/ 0 comments

Get Me In! You might notice a user’s area appearing. It’s going to shake the whole site up like an excitement bomb. I wouldn’t recommend using it yet, there isn’t much

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Grand Adventure Plans

EclecticMatt/ February 14, 2015/ old/ 0 comments

Work in progress I’ve been pretty busy recently so have not given much time to the site. A few bits are still broken since the move and redesign which will take

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Completely graphtastic

EclecticMatt/ December 13, 2014/ old/ 0 comments

Graphalicious Just a short one here – wanted to show off the little thing I cooked up. It draws regular or irregular complete graphs – and colours them with rainbows! Check

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