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Blog Proliferation

EclecticMatt/ July 16, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Warning: blogging can be infectious. My better half wanted space to document some of our travels and decided that a blog would be a suitable repository.

RSS Block-Rocking Beats

EclecticMatt/ February 12, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Just a quick update today. I’ve added an RSS feed as a block in my homepage, which I may change in style at some point soon. The functionality is there, pulling

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University work blog

EclecticMatt/ January 27, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Just a quick post to mention that my blogging is not confined to this site! I have also introduced a blog for my office at work, the ADQE Office at the

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Early train to Bristol

EclecticMatt/ January 19, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

I thought I would kick off a good habit by throwing a quick personal blog post in here. Gazing out of the train window over endless foggy fields, I make my

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Insane in the Domain

EclecticMatt/ January 18, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

So…. this is the first proper post on the new blog (version 2). The new blog, and indeed the new site domain which you may have noticed is¬†now http://eclecticapp.xyz, are down

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Created a blog!

EclecticMatt/ December 7, 2014/ old/ 0 comments

Well well… Note: This post relates to the first iteration of my self-designed blog, which read through a folder of individual posts and pulled them in order. This note has been

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