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Another short post to say ….. we made it! We are now self-employed, and can now call ourselves Hoteliers!

We officially moved into the bed and breakfast last Friday, had our first guest on Saturday, then collapsed in a heap on Sunday (slightly channelling Craig David right there).

We’ve just finished our first week of guests, which for the most part has gone fairly smoothly, so it felt like an appropriate time to reflect on what’s happened so far.

In da house

We’re in the house and have unpacked almost everything. We’ve had a metric shit ton of flatpack furniture constructed – thanks to a trusted trader we employed for the weekend (my mum).

For the most part, the place is now laid out how we like it, and we’ve gotten to grips with the main “day-to-day” running of the B&B. The actual “guest” bit is easy – checking in, breakfasts, cleaning – but some of the other stuff is still problematic!

We’ve had a wander around the town, know where the local shops are, and tried out a couple of pubs and takeaway establishments… although it’s downright dangerous having both a kebab house and a Chinese takeaway right on our doorstep.


Not finished yet

There’s still a whole heap of stuff to sort out and get our heads around, which might take another week or two, but for the most part we are in and ready for business!

There’s only the bank, online and card payments, internet, business and personal tax arrangements, booking dot shite, and a dozen other fairly crucial bits to finalise…. but that’s all small fry in comparison to the stuff we’ve done so far!

We’re still having headaches getting a few things joined up – even a week after moving in – as our merchant services are still not connected to our bookings management system, which is also not connected to booking dot balls. It’s stuff that we can’t control – we just need to wait for someone in a remote office to click a button, which apparently takes a looooong time to do :-/

Oh yeah, and of course there’s another load of stuff to transport across the length of the country, and cleaning and checking out of our old flat – not too much then!



Now we’re getting our feet under the table, we’ve started working on the building up the “business” bit as well.

We’ve launched our first promotion – a Summer Sale – where you can get up to 20% off bookings of 3 nights, plus 2 nights free when you book more than 5!

Adverts for the sale are circulating on Facebook and Google, with more promotion planned to maximise business over the next couple of months.

Keep an eye out for our ads popping up around the place (example image below):

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay and explore this beautiful part of the country, then check out our website for the best deals!

More updates are coming soon showing some of the other bits we’ve been working on, but for now I’m going to collapse in a heap again.


More blogeration

I’ll let Naomi give you some more details about what we’ve been up to on her new blog, which is recording some of our trials and tribulations as we go along – visit to read all about it.

That’s it for today – more updates coming soon!

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