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Hello everyone,

Following on from the post earlier this week – ya know, where it was oh so quiet…

I’ve been working on the updated Guesthouse game (which isn’t ready for the public just yet) but will feature shiny visuals, achievements and a more business-simulation feeling to it.

I wrote about the design for the game last year, where I was torn between an “idle” game and a “simulation” game. I couldn’t get away from thinking about the “idle” side of things so… I took those ideas and made a separate idle game out of it!

You can now try the first version of the “Idle Fossil Fuel Miner” on the site:

Idle Fossil Fuel Miner

The game in the current format has 3 industries to buy and upgrade, some basic achievements and plenty of exponential numbers!

The good bits so far:

  • some big number formats, so £1000000000000 becomes £1.0T (trillion)
  • achievements for reaching lifetime earnings totals, and boost levels (where the number of all the industries reach a multiple of 10)
  • background earnings (!) using the visibilitychange event, you can minimise the browser tab, come back later and find MOAR MONEYS!!!
  • saving and loading of your game data! Using the LocalStorage functionality in HTML5 to let players save and load progress (with checks to prevent accidental overwriting of your saves)

The balance needs some work, as currently you might *have* to leave the game minimised in order to progress, but I’ll tweak that later.

I feel much better getting these things into a separate game, as now I can play around with the ideas as part of a separate project (rather than get annoyed that I can’t include them in the guesthouse game).

Now before some of my friends decide to break the game intentionally (lookin’ at you, Will) then I’ve decided *not* to minify the code at present. I’ll leave that visible for you to ruin for the time being… 😉

Again, this game is mainly for my own satisfaction and entertainment – did I mention that I just like watching the numbers go up? With the Guesthouse no longer offering that fix, I’m happy that there’s a new place I can get some incremental integers :-p

As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged – especially if you:

a) decided to break the game to cheat your way to victory (yay!)

b) decided to leave the game running for many, many hours to work your way to victory (even more yay!)

Right – that’s about it for now – feel free to have a play around with it!

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