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Afternoon everyone,

I had an idea at the weekend to make a simulation game for a Guesthouse (a.k.a. a Bed and Breakfast, or Small Hotel).

After a couple of sketches, I wrote this first version (text-based) in a day… then spent two days fixing all the bugs!

You can play this ugly little sim on the website now:

The Guesthouse Game


Version 1 done

The current version of the Guesthouse game allows you to buy rooms, upgrade attributes of your guesthouse and manage costs. It looks like a bag of ass right now, but I have not really spent any time getting the layout/design correct at this stage.

The core functions work, and you can no longer break the game just by renaming your guesthouse… so that’s something! :-p

The aim for version 1 was simply to get a text-based game running, which has been achieved, but this is not desperately playable (or nice to look at) currently.

Version 2 planned

That’s why Version 2 is planned and will be coming soon! I am finalising my ideas for how the graphics should look and features to add – and here’s my task list at present:

Graphics and Design

  • Stars for all scores/ratings
  • Pictures of your guesthouse and rooms (which change when upgraded)
  • Mobile-friendly layout, optimised for smaller devices
  • More random text for names and comments

New Features and Panels

  • Achievements – aiming to make them all achievable in a single playthrough, but some will be a challenge!
  • Statistics – a panel showing details about how many days you have played, your total income, upgrade spending and costs, plus lowest/highest ratings
  • Finances – a panel where you can get bank loans, plus graphs of your income/costs vs ratings (because I love a graph)

I can’t promise this will be ready any time soon, it will take a few weeks to get the graphics ready and add them into a new layout.

Github Repo

For posterity and collaboration, I have uploaded the first version of the game to Github, where you can fork the game and make your own!

Github Repo for the Guesthouse Game


Why not have a play at the Guesthouse Game today and let me know in the comments about the success of your guesthouse!

That’s all for now – I’m off to upgrade my economy room!

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