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EclecticMatt/ June 8, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

A short post today as I sit on a train up to London for work.

This week has seen the culmination of a general election in the UK and we are faced with a stark choice.

It may not be the ideal choice for many – some people want to see more of X, or want politicians to talk more about Y – but the voting public at least has a significant choice in terms of the direction and policies of the two major political parties.

Rather than mudslinging about either candidate, we could have spent this election debating bigger issues. Instead every internet comment thread and news feed turns into a sensationalist speakbox touting the same rubbish that the tabloids dreamed up the previous day.

Today I urge you to vote – not for the party your newspaper instructed you to, but for the party (or candidate) that appeals to you. Vote for policies that matter to you, rather than their empty platitudes. 

Whatever else you do today, please remember to use your vote.

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