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Hey everyone,

Just a short blog post today, as I’m spending most of my time trying to get back on track with my videos.

It’s been a bummer of a week, not helped by some major issues with uploading videos to Youtube.

So what has been going on?

Well the image above pretty much sums it up. After getting a good system going with editing videos on my PS4 and uploading to Youtube, the past 4 days have resulted in that message when I get ready to publish a video:

Failed (upload aborted)

With my average-speed internet connection, uploading one of my usual 15min (200MB) videos takes an hour or two to finish uploading, then anything between a few minutes and a couple of hours for Youtube to process the video. Due to the procedure taking a few hours overall, I usually let this happen overnight as we won’t be using the internet as much.

This first happened on Friday, meaning that I woke up on Saturday (ready for an exciting event which I will post about tomorrow) with my first depressing message:

Failed (upload aborted)

So what happened next?

Well I was out for most of the day and busy that evening. My next video was due Sunday, so I would need to try to get both uploaded on Sunday at some point. I went to sleep on Saturday (quite soundly after having a few drinks during the day) with a plan to get it sorted in the morning.

Sunday morning came around and I worked on another video while setting Saturday’s video to upload. The upload screen estimated 3 hours to finish the first upload, but this was during the day so perhaps would take longer than usual. I needed to go to the shops at around the 2-hour point, after diligently watching the upload progress get that far. After returning like a proud hunter from the plains with my bread rolls and chocolate bars, I was greeted by an empty upload progress screen. Aha! Success, perhaps?

I logged into Youtube to see how it was doing and found:

Failed (upload aborted)

Pretty certain I didn’t abort it this time. The internet still seemed fine and there were no issues visible on the PS4 itself.

Final attempt

By this point, I had another 2 hour-long (1.3GB) videos which needed to be uploading. As these are much bigger, they usually take more than 5 hours to upload (last week it was more like 9 hours).

The time taken to transfer one of these onto a USB stick, then across to my PC and upload from there was an added faff but I gave that a shot. This time it was my PC that threw a curveball, as I stupidly let the screensaver come on, the power management settings automatically cut off from the wifi. I reconnected and hoped the upload would continue but no, another error: this time more interestingly phrased

We have encountered unexpected problems

Well that’s just joyful.

So in between the PS4 uploader – which I have tried for a fourth time on Monday night with one of the longer videos with no luck – and my PC – which would have to be plugged in for the duration of the upload and that isn’t great for the battery – at present I’m unable to use those to upload.

I am still cracking away – there are several ways to upload but each is being a pain. Transferring the files onto my phone may be another option, but I’ll need to free up some space before trying to squeeze around 1.5GB of video onto there. The phone still has a number of unfinished projects which are waiting to be finalised and uploaded….. but I can’t upload.

So what are you going to do about it?

Well the internet speed is a continual problem with streaming and uploading videos (as well as other general downloading) so it is getting an upgrade. It should take a couple of weeks but by mid-June that should be less of a problem.

The upload errors are worrying, and after searching around on the internet, forum users generally say “it eventually uploads after a few attempts”. Well I’m currently on attempt 4 with one video, and attempt 2 with another. I haven’t changed anything in the videos themselves, or my Youtube settings, so I cannot see why it is suddenly such a problem.

The only option for now is suspending my video schedule, until I can get the uploading back up and running. I have a number of videos ready to publish, along with a few more which are held up in a queue due to file space and prioritising uploads. If only they would just bloody work instead of wasting hours of time with nothing to show for it but

Failed (upload aborted)

I’ll be publishing a video or two that are already uploaded, but they may not keep to the schedule. Sadly my schedule was slightly ambitious and something like 4 days of delays and failed uploads can totally derail my plans. It has also meant that I am not able to work on new videos during this time, as I am spending so much time re-uploading, freeing up space and transferring files.
I’ll keep you updated when the videos finally upload… but “ta ta” for now

UPDATE: Last night my first video in nearly a week actually managed to upload. This is the video I hoped to publish on Saturday. I won’t have time to upload many in the next couple of days but I should be able to get back on track by the weekend.

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