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A fairly short post today to mention that I’ve been playing with for a few weeks’ now.

It’s a web application that lets you design graphics with a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Grid lines show you when everything is lined up and you can easily move, resize and tweak each element individually.

I think it’s a brilliant tool for non-artistic individuals to create something that looks…. kinda good!

Making pretty pictures for work

You can quickly and easily create some great designs using templates, icons and in-built shapes. It’s a doddle to make something not half bad, that’s for sure!

I have used it for producing graphics and media for work – especially some of my blog posts which needed something visual to finish them off.

One great feature is the ability to save brand colours (and fonts with a paid subscription).

Another big help is the ability to quickly resize designs using the “magic resize” tool – which allows you to quickly change from a Twitter post image into a Youtube Channel banner! Nice!

Channel art and logos

So I have been using canva to create graphics to liven up personal blog posts.

More recently I have been experimenting to generate content for my new Youtube channel…. by the way, did I mention that I have started a new Youtube channel?.

Learn to design too!

One of my favourite parts of canva is the design tutorial pages, which take you through the basics of design, colour and fonts to make your graphics stand out!

I still have quite a lot to learn – so I’m going to get back to learning soon!

Why not check out my designs on my public profile at:

New features

The Canva team keep rolling out new features as well! Some people may really like some of the other time-saving features, such as a new Canva Animator feature which turns images into animated GIFs: (for paid “canva for work” subscribers only).

There is also an iPhone and an iPad app to create beautiful designs on the move, although nothing for Android yet.

I’m really happy with it, having tried the “canva for work” trial for a month, which made creating a whole bunch of designs and images really quick and simple!


That’s your lot for now – will be back soon with more!

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