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Eclectic Gaming is now starting to really get going and I’m ready to set a schedule for videos on the channel.

There will be daily video releases on the channel, featuring a variety of formats and series through the week.

I have made a short Youtube video with the channel schedule, if you’d prefer watching rather than reading!


For those who prefer a written version, the weekly schedule looks like this:

Monday – WTF Mate!?

A short video series featuring funny videos, game glitches and assorted weird stuff from a bunch of console, mobile and PC games.

Tuesday – The Eclectic Algorithm

My Ingress video series which covers everything from general gameplay with lots of smashy noises, tips and tricks about techniques, and special videos about Ingress events (my first video being a look at the Magnus Builder challenge in May 2017).

Wednesday – Copycat Crap

A funny gaming series which delves into the world of gaming clones, taking a look at a whole lot of different versions of landmark gaming titles, such as Minecraft, Angry Birds and Flappy Bird (which is the first video of the series).

On Wednesday I will also aim to publish a weekly blog post on here – so stay tuned for more!

Thursday – Clips of the Week

A #ThrowbackThursday series which shows the highlights from various games I have been playing over the past week. The first episode looks at Rocket League, which I have picked back up after a couple of months out of the game.

Friday – WTF Mate!?

As if getting a short funny at the start of the week wasn’t enough, I will be releasing one to finish off the working week as well – so get your second dose of WTF each Friday!

Saturday – Let’s Play Series

Each Saturday will see the release of a new episode in my Let’s Play series. The first series is a playthrough of Tropico 5 on the PS4, completing the DLC “Espionage” campaign and trying out the new features.

Sunday – Live Stream or Long Play

Rounding off the week will have a Live Stream on Sunday most weeks, with a long play video filling in when I can’t be there live! I will hopefully do a few more live stream videos but it all depends on my availability and internet connection (which isn’t quite up to scratch at the moment).

There’s a whole bunch of content lined up which will be published in the next few weeks. I also have a whole bunch more ideas for new videos, so the schedule may change at a later date – check back here for updates!

That’s all for today – speak to you later.

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