Ingress – What are your names for the glyphs?

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Another Ingress-related post today!

I really enjoy hearing other Ingress players shouting their own nicknames for glyphs in a crowded pub.

Some of the nicknames make perfect sense – some variant of “box” or “square”, maybe a “rocket” or “bell”.

Then again, some people’s nicknames take a little more explanation.

This one is blatantly “clef”, right?

See – a treble clef!






Community Piece

I am trying to gather some of those nicknames into a community piece about the best alternative names for glyphs!

I’ll put them together and try to find the best nicknames (and the explanations for the nicknames) in a blog post and new video!

Clearly “cracker”, as in Christmas cracker.

Pretty much identical :-p

Challenge for you

Here is the challenge for you – watch my Youtube video and tell me *your nicknames* for the glyphs in those sequences!

You can tell me in a variety of ways – either comment on this post, or on the Youtube video, or you can call in to my Anchor.FM station to leave an audio recording of your nicknames!

And this is definitely “spear”

This is the type of spear I meant…. but the title of the photo is “two natives” O.o

Now let me know your glyph nicknames!

If you would like to leave me your nicknames in the comments, you can follow this format:


If you want to hear my own weird nicknames for the glyphs in the video, here is my full list:

  1.  PULSE, TONGUE, U (the letter “U”), TICK
  2. SIMPLE (I do use the actual names for one or two!), BOWTIE, DOWN, HAT
  3. CLIP, BOWTIE, H (the letter “H”), CUP
  5. CRACKER (as in “Christmas”), UP, CUP, UP
  6. LINE (a generic name I use for little odd lines), TONGUE, SCYTHE, HA-BOW (half-bowtie)
  8. TONGUE, SPIRAL, QUESTION, O (the letter “O”)
  10. SPEAR, BELL, CLEF, COMM (communicator)

If you fancy a bit more Ingress, check out my smurf fracker cake video below:

You can also view my Youtube playlist for all the Ingress videos I have produced.

So…. feel free to chime in with your own glyph names – or any I missed that you gave an entertaining nickname!

Remember you can call in to my Anchor.FM station to leave an audio recording of your nicknames! I’ll be uploading some new audio from time-to-time, so check in for more!

That’s everything for today – check back soon for more!

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