Eclectic Gaming – Youtube channel launches!

EclecticMatt/ May 7, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Today I’m very excited to be announcing the launch of my new Youtube channel – Eclectic Gaming!

Eclectic Gaming

The channel has live streams, console, mobile and (soon) PC games videos, along with some funny stuff and community interaction as well.

Make sure to give the videos a watch and be sure to like and subscribe for more content!

Why am I doing it?

I haven’t tried this before – so that was motivation enough to give this a go!

I have lots of interesting ideas for the channel, but at present I am just experimenting with video editing, live streaming and developing the channel – so will post back soon once I have some more solid playlists and a schedule of uploads sorted out! :-}

Where can you find out more?

What, aside from the Youtube channel itself?

Well you can follow me on social media for updates on new live streams and videos being posted – here are the links you need:

(this Twitter profile will now be the main one for video updates – but feel free to still follow my personal profile as well)

I have also devoted a section of the website to the new channel – including a bit more about some of my featured content – so why not take a look round there as well?

Highlights so far…

Here are some highlights of the videos I have uploaded so far:

Ingress Smurf Fracker Cake

A video recorded late last year where a few local players reached the mythical Level 16 in Ingress and we celebrated by making a virtual cake and lighting the candles!


Tropico 5 – Evil Regime Third Time Lucky!

A live stream in the city-building game Tropico 5 where I tried to manage my civilisation with an iron fist and a cold heart …. with limited success!

Minecraft – A tour of the old world

A quick virtual tour of my old Minecraft world on PS4, stopping off at landmarks such as the Aldi, the Rollercoaster Island, ShroomGlassHaus, and the mysterious floating Pyramid.


That’s all for today – keep check back here for more!


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