Monthly Archives: April 2015

Responsive Menu

Meta Viewport Responsive Design Brain Melt! One more brief update this month! I have added responsive styles to the site, to offer more suitable content for smaller and mobile devices. Firstly the navigation menu at the top has been updated, so this now displays in an alternative, vertical layout when

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EAD Wiki

Trying out a wiki Yet another brief update. I’ve added a wiki to the site, initially to provide a space for any lengthy text like game guides but also for the upcoming adventure game. There is also a guestbook which will allow for some direct feedback on the game as

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Destiny Player Search

Update Sept 2016 – the Destiny player search is no longer functional due to changes in the Destiny API and this page is no longer supported. It was awesome when it worked though – trust me! Some new stuff added Another quick update. I’ve cooked up a search tool for

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