Grand Adventure Plans

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Work in progress

I’ve been pretty busy recently so have not given much time to the site. A few bits are still broken since the move and redesign which will take a major reworking to fix (school and tools).

In the meantime, I’ve been teaching myself some new skills ready for my next big project – Adventuring Times.

Xtreme Makeup Legends

I needed some better XML and parsing skills, so worked on the XML custom parser.

The main skill tree in the game is held in a basic xml file.

I then wrote some php programs to read the file in various ways:

  • As formatted html text
  • As a formatted html table
  • And finally as a fully styled dynamic CSS menubar with progress counters

Personal Defense Orbs

Next came the character creation and attributes. These will be stored in a mysql database and my usual mysql skills may be insufficient (and outdated).

I am learning the PDO library for php to get better object handling for values passed to/from game and database.

At the moment the character creator is a bit bare and graphicless but I’m starting to get a handle on the attribute tables for it.

Feel free to play around with the Character CreatorThe character creator has not yet been migrated to the new site

You are my Lionel

Completely unrelated to my lack of time at the moment (ahem), I have been playing a little Destiny.

The game works on a series of weekly timers, so I made a webpage to keep track. The Destiny webpage has not made it onto the new site.

That’s all folks – speak soon.

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