Blog Proliferation

EclecticMatt/ July 16, 2017/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Warning: blogging can be infectious. My better half wanted space to document some of our travels and decided that a blog would be a suitable repository. So far it contains posts

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Eclectic Timeline

EclecticMatt/ July 6, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Just a very short post today, as I’m busy working through a backlog of work. I wanted to make a timeline of Eclectic activity for a while, and managed to set

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Reflections on the week

EclecticMatt/ June 8, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

A short post today as I sit on a train up to London for work. This week has seen the culmination of a general election in the UK and we are

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Failed – Upload Aborted

EclecticMatt/ June 7, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

Hey everyone, Just a short blog post today, as I’m spending most of my time trying to get back on track with my videos. It’s been a bummer of a week,

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Youtube – Baby Steps

EclecticMatt/ May 31, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

I have been playing around with creating Youtube videos for a couple of weeks now and have stumbled many times among the way! This post is a short collection of the

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Design for Dummies

EclecticMatt/ May 24, 2017/ new/ 0 comments

A fairly short post today to mention that I’ve been playing with for a few weeks’ now. It’s a web application that lets you design graphics with a simple and

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