Privacy Policy

You are reading this privacy policy because you have visited a game or application on this website which uses your device storage to store data, or send data to our servers. All data stored on your device (usually in LocalStorage but similar to cookies) and all data sent to the server is totally anonymous (usually in the form of a playerID number). This website will never sell, share or use any of your browsing data or activity within the site, other than to enhance the game or application you are using.

The full description for all data stored or sent to our server for each application is described in full at the bottom of this page.

Your privacy

The only reason this privacy policy exists is because the website uses your device storage to save data (for you only - I don't access or even care what saved data you have). In some games with online connectivity, such as a game with high score leaderboards, then your anonymous playerID is used to connect to the leaderboard service. Again, this is for you to show off and make your gaming experience easier - I am not bothered if you never use this feature, it makes no difference to me whatsoever.

If you are really concerned about online privacy, any new games and applications with these features will offer an 'opt-out' which will prevent any data being saved on your device, and anonymously shared with the game servers. To make things even easier, just don't use the website at all - or the rest of the internet - and that way there is no chance you will risk any of your precious online browsing activity! Facebook will probably still track you down, btw

Requests to amend or remove personal data

If you would like me to remove your data from the server, please get in touch via email and I will amend or remove any data we have stored (which again, is anonymous, so I will confirm your playerID and remove any data associated with that anonymised playerID).

As a final note, the site uses Google Analytics to get (again) completely anonymised data on users activity to get some general statistical information about how the site is used. The Google Analytics service is covered under their own privacy policy, which you can bore yourself to death reading about here: Google Privacy Policy

Specific Games and Applications

Peep Defence Privacy Info

This game uses both saved storage data and shares data with the server for online leaderboards.

The game can be used without these features, but you will have to start a new game each time, and you cannot share your high scores to the leaderboard.

The two specific features to note are:

  • LocalStorage - saved game data. The game saves your progress to your device in the form of a text file called 'peepDefenceProgress' which includes an anonymous 'playerID' to sync your scores with the leaderboards.
  • Data shared with the server. The leaderboards feature shares your high scores with our server, using your anonymous 'playerID'. The only shared information is - your high score/wave/level, and your playerID.

Idle Miner Privacy Info

This game uses saved storage data so that players can continue progress with the game.

The game can be used without this feature, but you will have to start a new game each time.

The specific feature to note is:

  • LocalStorage - saved game data. The game saves your progress to your device in the form of text files called 'idle_miner_achievements' and similar. This is only used to load your progress when you visit the game again.